Friday, May 18, 2007


I have rose bushes! They sprang up all on their own! What a pleasant surprise!

I cut some and put them on my kitchen table. It looks like my husband got me fresh pink roses for Mother's Day, but really they were free!

Another great find this week is a much anticipated china hutch! I've been wanting decent furniture for four years of marriage, and its finally starting to happen. Thanks to Elizabeth and Frank for their generosity and to June for being a three-paycheck-month, I was finally able to get myself a hutch. It even has a curio light in the top! I knew what I wanted and stumbled upon the perfect one! Hooray! Now I need to actually get the china itself here from Mom and Dad's attic. (Notice I've already put rubber bands on the cabinet doors...)


Sarah said...

What a delight to have the immaculate conception of rose bushes in your yard! I never had any luck growing stuff in Utah even when I tried. You must have a good spirit about your home to draw out roses.

Aunt Joy said...

Your roses are just beautiful and such a variety of colors. Very nice looking china hutch too. Love Aunt Joy.