Monday, July 02, 2007

Dental Dilemma

Chris visited the dentist and was told he had a mouth full of cavities. He was told to floss regularly and to come back for fillings. When he got home I asked him if he had gotten a free sample of dental floss. No. A free toothbrush? No. Now, you may think I should choose my battles better, but I really feel strongly that a goodie bag of a free "dentist recommended" toothbrush, a sample of toothpaste, and a small sample of floss should be a given when you visit the dentist.

When Chris returned a few weeks later for the fillings, I was very interested to see if he would bring home more than a receipt. I went with him so I could drive him home since he would most likely feel crummy. As I signed the credit card slip for several hundred dollars worth of fillings (and just our copay portion), I jokingly asked if it came with a free toothbrush. It didn't! Again, we came home without a handout! I'm shocked! I'm astonished! I'm unimpressed! I'm betrayed by the system.

Chris is baffled that I am willing to terminate our relationship with said dentist and find another based on the simple absence of a free toothbrush and dental floss sample. But seriously, they may save $4 per patient by not having a goodie bag, but that $4 savings for them causes me to not do business there again. And actually, I'm willing to venture that dental offices receive free product samples from toothbrush and toothpaste companies for the sole purpose of giving them away to patients to get their products in the mouths of Americans.

I think I'm justified in being outraged. Wouldn't you?


Anonymous said...

It's your upbringing. We never leave Dr. Bell's without the freebies. Next time I'll ask if they pay for them. I suppose that if they get them for free, it is because the manufacturers think this is a lucrative market. There are people in Provo who would sell the free toothbrushes in a garage sale and use the old one for 5 years. Mom

Anonymous said...

Most of the major oral hygiene supply companies give away items...toothbrushes, floss, mouthwash, toothpaste, denture baths, denture brushes, etc.,etc.etc. That doesn't mean the dental office isn't paying for the items.