Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Google Searches

Since I started tracking my stats in August (using StatCounter), I've noticed some pretty strange internet searches that have landed the viewer on my blog. Here are some of the searches that have led here. Some of them make sense, others not so much:

  • My husband is a miser
  • Pictures of baby in utero
  • I forgot to put in the eggs
  • Twilight preview writing
  • the minutiae elaine seinfeld stinking apartment
  • baby laughing commercial
  • 29 weeks pregnant my baby trembles
  • free toothbrushes for dentists
  • lds women
  • his sympathy weight
  • celine deon salt lake city
  • Is banana bread supposed to be refrigerated
  • Supermom funny checklist
  • Captain belly flop strikes again T-shirt

Yeah, that's what I thought: pretty strange.


Anonymous said...

This is why I block my page to search engines. There are weird people out there. It could be scary. Keep it in the family...

david and michal said...

where can i find that t-shirt?!

Dani said...

Thank you Jenny. I am glad to hear I am not alone. I feel like an elephant.... can I just stop gaining weight now? :) Thanks again!!!

angela michelle said...

Jenny, I lost your address (which redredrose sent me so I can send you her prize winnings). Email me so I can cross SOMETHING off my todo list! My last name w no hyphen at yahoo.

Joshua said...

Strange indeed. Have you heard of google analytics? Free web stats, but very pretty. "is banana bread supposed to be refrigerated"? NO! but you can!

Eric & Gretchen said...

Thanks for making a comment on my blog so I could come check out yours.