Saturday, September 05, 2009

The What's and the Why's

I distinctly remember when Leah was going through the "What" phase when she was about two.

"Mom, what are doing?"
"I'm emptying the dishwasher."
*30 seconds later*
"Mom, what are doing?"
"Uh, well, I'm still emptying the dishwasher."

And now that I think Samuel is about to the "What" phase (Watching me inquisitively he says"What doing?"), I've noticed with much trepidation that Leah has just stumbled upon "Why."

"Time to go inside now."
"Because I have to got to the bathroom."
"Why do you have to go to the bathroom?"
"Uh, well..."


Jamie J Stansfield said...

Uh...I totally understand! Libby does the whats and whys and the watch mes. Paisley has picked up on the watch mes so can be SO exhuasting! lol

Sarah Stiles said...

Cameron is sooo like that! He asks questions like, What's that?", then he will ask the same question several more times. My mom swears there is something wrong with him. But she has a faulty memory herself, and obviously does not remember when we were that age. I am pretty sure it is normal, though sometimes annoying:-)

Rebecca said...

that is so fun! (The whys)

Paul is just barely starting to put words together into complete thoughts. It's been "milk!" for so long, I love this "milk please!" stage! He doesn't ask "what" yet.