Sunday, November 15, 2009

Snippets, Inspired by Leah

Requested by Chris.

Yesterday Leah got some fingers smashed in a door, not too serious, but it did require an ice pack, which itself required smarties.

So today when she bonked her head, she announced she needed ice. Then on her way to the kitchen for ice, she pinched her finger. The poor girl was very sad and very much crying. I said "You just keep getting hurt today."

She responded tearfully, "I get hurt everyday." Then we put one icepack on her hand and one balanced on her head and her first question was "What kind of treat can I have while I have ice?" Sorry kid--just ice.

She's much better at playing off her owies and announcing "I'm okay...I'm tough" when it isn't already bedtime.

Oh, and she is already telling me ideas for what she wants to be for Halloween next year. One day she said she wanted to be Jessie again, and then it was Ariel. This will be a fun year...

And lastly, is it normal for parents to be brimming over with so much pride for their almost-4-year-old to say two lines into the microphone in sacrament meeting, and spend the other 45 minutes playing with the girl next to her, sticking out her tongue, signing random sign-language words, and giving us thumbs up throughout her first Primary Program?


Sarah Stiles said...

I love this age! They have such active imaginations! I was the proudest mom when Cameron gave his line in the Primary program. He was the only child under 7 that had his part memorized:-) Nevermind that he spent the rest of the program poking the kids next to him, lol.

Rebecca said...

Oh I forgot that Leah was old enough to be one of those kids doing the primary program! I am so happy it was such a proud-ful mommy moment for you!

Petersen Palace said...

yes, very normal. Leah is one cute little button!