Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Bus Stop

The bus stop is in front of our house. And not just any bus stop, THE bus stop. As in, the only bus stop in the entire neighborhood for at least 4 schools. This means 4 schools x twice a day plus some later buses because of after-school programs. 7 am and 3 pm and busy times of day. Sometimes I have to wait for two or three buses just so I can get into my driveway. It's not really that big of a deal, except when the school-goers leave trash on my lawn or in my mailbox.

So at first, my kids were always so excited to see the buses coming and going all day. They would hear the tell-tale squeal of brakes and rush to the window and watch with wonder. And then do it again 10 minutes later. Well, after a year of this, its not so novel anymore. This morning during breakfast when we heard the school bus pull up, Leah announced "I'm not going to go look at the school buses anymore. I know what a school bus looks like."

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Rebecca Reid said...

that is very funny! We have one single school bus. Paul isn't normally awake enough to find it in the morning. And he's often either napping or having a tv rest when it comes in the afternoon. So it's still a novelty. I have always wondered why they are so exciting. Smart Leah for realizing that it's not a big deal, and sad that that part of childhood is gone.