Monday, August 09, 2010

Fruits Vegetables of my Labors, and my 300th post

Happy 300th post!

I've been working on a garden since March. I am kind of lazy though, and mostly garden in my pajamas when it is convenient (aka not 100 degrees outside), and rarely pull weeds. As a result, my strawberries are really sad, and my cabbage was eaten by slugs and has now rotten. On the up side, my corn will be plentiful soon, my carrots are growing, and my two surviving tomato plants look promising. And I have lots that I am already picking! I have pulled one onion, 1 beautiful head of lettuce (which I am going to serve for dinner tonight), perfect green onions, lots of plump zucchini, and hoards of jalapenos. What am I going to do with jalapenos?

One thing is for sure: when my work lab needs 60 pounds of zucchini this fall, I will be providing most of it from my back yard!!!

Coming soon: details of our latest adventures, trips, and birthdays!


Ellen Sorenson said...

I wish I could get in on the zuchinni. We eat it several times a week, and I can give you some ideas for using it. I have no clue what you can do with jalepenos. Sorry.
Congratulations on passing Beginning Gardening (Home Owning 103)

Jenny said...

So, is Homeowning 101: buying a house, and homeowning 102: maintenance, fixing fences, and spraying for bugs?

Rebecca said...

wow, i'm impressed with the garden. I've determined I'm not a gardener: I just plain don't like working in the dirt. So I'm impressed with those that do. Does the food lab reimburse you for all those zucchini?

Sarah Stiles said...

I have not been able to spend as much time in my garden this year as I would have liked. I am just not home enough. We have had lots of strawberries, enough to make a jar of jam, I think, and we have had a few very small bell peppers. Our tomatoes are looking pretty good, too.

I planted other pepper plants, as well as carrots and onions. Last year I had awesome results with the carrots and onions. This year, they did not even SPROUT! Not one of them. Everything I planted from seed stubbornly refused to come up.

Next year I am going to try running a soaker hose to see if that helps my pepper plants.