Thursday, March 31, 2011

To-Do List

Ugly Fence, meet Stain.

Assuming that we will start having nice days soon, do you think I will be able to put all five gallons of stain on the fence before having a baby?

Before you answer, here is what I did this week:

  • Made a quadruple batch of banana bread and delivered loaves to friends,

  • Took apart the drawers in the kids dresser and replaced the bottom wooden boards that were broken and tightened all the screws,

  • Jury-rigged the bassinet with wooden dowels on the bottom because two out of four were missing (that one only took 1/2 hour!),

  • Installed wooden-slat blinds in our bedroom (without instructions, and with two helpers),

  • Washed all the bedroom curtains,

  • Sewed black-out fabric onto the kids curtains,

  • Moved the dresser and set up a baby changing station,

  • And I'm still working until the semester is over!

(Phew! I'm tired!)

I have six weeks left, and I would go nuts if I sat around rubbing lotion on my belly and timing contractions waiting for Baby Sister to be born, so I made a to-do list. It includes things like organizing baby clothes, fixing the mailbox, putting together a shed, painting the trim on the back door and restaining the fence, making matching summer dresses for Leah and Baby Sister, organizing and dejunking our closet...and a few more. I'm not even going to bother planning my garden until after she's born, because its been known to snow here in late May. Who knows if the garden will even happen at all this year.

When I was at this point before Samuel was born, I scrubbed the couches and had Chris bring me every light fixture in the house so I could throw away the bugs and scrub away the dust. Maybe that should be on my list, too.

So, which do you think will come first? Five gallons of wood stain? Or Baby Sister? The race is on...

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Ellen Sorenson said...

I think that the fence will get stained. You'll never get to it after the baby comes, because your life will be divided into 24 minute segments--feed the baby, feed the kids, clean up the kitchen, go to the bathrooom, work for 24 minutes, feed the baby, take Leah to her lesson, go shopping, work on the fence for 24 minutes, pick Leah up, feed the baby, do laundry, etc, etc. Enjoy the long hours of leisurely staining while you have them. Mom