Friday, April 22, 2011

37 Weeks

3 weeks to go. Gosh I hope it doesn't take that long.

I had a dream the other night that I gave birth to a three year old, and the next day to a newborn. I had one of those kinds of dreams with Samuel, too. Strange. Well, this time, the newborn was a boy with lots of red hair and big ears and in my dream, I thought he was so goofy looking that the only appropriate name for him was Charlie. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against goofy-looking people, red-heads, or people named Charlie--this was all my subconscious.


Petersen Palace said...

good thing it's a girl! :) You are amazing to be doing all you are doing!

Ellen Sorenson said...

It will probably take that long, but that is not nearly as long as it will take to toilet train her, teach her to read, teach her to drive, get her through the dating years, send her to college, or marry her off. The fun is just starting! Mom