Monday, August 22, 2011

New Blog Design and Header you like the new blog design? I got a super cute Supermom Mother's Day card this year from my mom and was inspired to use the cute designs (and "S" logo!) on it to make a new blog header and background, and here it is finally! It probably would have been much faster if I actually had the real photoshop, and not just Elements, and if I actually knew what I was doing in it. It has been fun, but I have now stayed up super late and will regret it tomorrow...Anyway, what do you think?


Jamie J Stansfield said...

super cute my super friend!

david and michal said...

i love the sparkly "s"! for a quiet book, i found a TON of free templates online, and other people who had posted photos of their quiet books. ideas for all the pages came from them, but i did my own designs/templates--just cutting out the fabric and sewing it on! it's actually going very fast--once i got everything organized, the sewing doesn't take long at all.