Sunday, August 26, 2012

Public Speaking

Leah gave the following talk in Primary today.  She dictated it to me, I typed it up, and then read it in Primary almost all by herself.

To invite the spirit to us we say our prayers, be kind, read our scriptures, go to church.
There is good music and bad music.  The kind of music is the good music not the bad music. Good music makes us feel happy inside and outside.

To make us healthy we put healthy food inside our bodies.  Sometimes its okay once in a while to eat candy, sugar in your mush or in your oatmeal.  If we do that all the time we wont be healthy or very smart.  If we do that all the time we wont feel the spirit. No drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes because that is not good for our bodies.

When we do good things like doing something nice when it is not done like clean up your bedroom or your mom's bedroom, we feel the spirit.

All the time you are supposed to follow the commandments.  Jesus gives us commandments.  We follow them because we will feel the spirit.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


Ellen Sorenson said...

Great talk, Leah! I'm so grateful to Heavenly Father that youunderstand one of the most important principles of the gospel. Love, Gramma

Rebecca said...

I love it! What a wonderful testimony, Leah! My favorite line is "The kind of music is the good music not the bad music." That's a good reminder to choose the good!

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