Thursday, December 21, 2006

Let it snow, let it snow, let it STOP!

Well it turns out that packing my unmentionables was the least of my worries. Thanks to two feet of snow in Denver, we didn't actually go anywhere yesterday. We were supposed to transfer planes in Denver, and are glad we didn't get there only to become stranded with 4500 other people.

Yesterday I spent all day trying to get through to the airline, mostly getting busy signals or simply getting disconnected. When I finally got to wait on hold for 45 minutes, I tried getting us to Chicago sooner than Christmas. They could get us a flight on the 23rd, which makes Chris's trip not worth it since he was flying back on the 25th anyway. In my further attempts to find an earlier flight so he could come with me, I twice got disconnected while being transferred to a supervisor. So now it looks like I will be going without him and he will be all alone on Christmas Eve and Christmas day! Today I am trying to get through to the airline again just so I can cancel Chris's flight for a refund, and I can't get through. It turns out that when you get the automated voice that thinks he can understand you, all you have to say is "agent" to get transferred to a person...or a busy signal that is.

Looking on the bright side, I get three days of time with my husband while he has time off work, and I can still see my family and hand deliver Christmas presents, even if its not with Chris.

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Sarah said...

Jenny, I am SO sad that Chris is going to miss Christmas with you guys!! There are horror stories all over the country of Christmas not working out this year because of travel plans. Why in the world do we all live so far apart :(