Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A place for everything

Per popular request, here is a photo tour of our new home. Disclaimer: it's still full of boxes; we are not really this messy.

This is my family room. It has attractive faux wood floor (which, by the way, gets dirty really easily and makes the baby do splits when she's wearing slippery socks...we're working on getting an area rug). We are still trying to figure out how to arrange our furniture, too. Next to the front door are the stairs to the upper floor, and on the right edge of the frame are the stairs to the lower floor. Next to the stairs is a powder room with a sleek pedestal sink, and next to that, a coat closet. We have really high ceilings...there are 14 steps on the staircases instead of the standard 13. Baby likes to go up. She hasn't figured out going down yet (well at least not intending to go down).

This is the beautiful archway into my kitchen. I love the red walls! Behind the curtains are sliding doors to my very own BACK YARD! There is even a hose and grill out there for us to use! I think this summer we'll get one of this little kiddie pools!

Timp from my back step...this was taken today!

Here's my kitchen. There is a planter window above my sink...not the best view of an empty field, but better than a junk yard like what was behind our last place. My kitchen is not terribly big, but several things make it way better than my last kitchen: the cupboards are tall enough for the tall stuff, the dishwasher is built in, the kitchen does not double as the laundry room, I have one of those spray hoses at the sink (I've never had one before!), and last but not least, a HUGE pantry!!! I dont know what to do with all the pantry space! (I'm sure I'll figure it out, but in the meantime, I'm accepting donations of canned goods and other nonperishables). I've actually already had the chance to scrub down my stove since moving in...we had a little gravy mishap.

Going down the stairs, this is the main room. The opposite wall features built in shelves...very nice! Chris is working on assembling his new punching station, which, by the way, is way bigger than I thought. He got it for Christmas from his Mom. Since the picture was taken, Chris discovered that there are several pieces that do not assemble correctly and that the directions are awful (but should that surprise us?). Tomorrow we plan to visit Sam's Club and take a picture of the display model, and invite whoever it was that assembled the display model to dinner and then have them put ours together. Poor Chris...he was really hoping to punch off some of that energy tonight (or should I say Holiday fudge...which he tells me he didn't get enough of). Instead of getting a workout, he got angry.

The door on the left goes into the next room, which will be featured shortly. Not pictured next to that door is my laundry room with a throne and stall shower. Hooray! Laundry not in my kitchen. Chris likes the idea of using the shower after working out. (By the way, today I did FOUR loads of laundry and have to put it all away tomorrow). Next to that door is the cupboard under the stairs where we keep Harry Potter, I mean storage. Storage!

This is the next room over. (This is where I currently sit!) It will have our computer desks, a folding table for stamping and other crafts (I am currently exhibiting signs of withdrawl while it is all in boxes), and has a nice big closet for other stuff not yet determined. We are hoping to also get a futon in here eventually that will allow us to entertain houseguests comfortably! I'm going to put a curtain on the window well because its cold! Let me say, going without internet for nearly a week was super hard! We finally got it hooked up today which is why I'm blogging this narrative.

Going back upstairs, we now visit the top floor. This is a linen closet. What a concept! I've never had a linen closet before! To the right is the baby's room, and to the left our bedroom and the bathroom.

This is the baby's room. It is very blue. We plan to paint white clouds and put up curtains. We finally put together the crib this evening, which is why you still see a portable crib in here (I almost think she sleeps better in the portable one because her binky can't fall on the floor and get lost). To the right is another nice big closet with nothing in it yet...again, donations accepted. The big fancy window is the front of the home.

Another view of the baby's room so you can see how big and empty and blue it is right was sleeping when I took this one.

This is our HUGE bathroom! Behind the door is yet another closet! I am just loving all this storage space! I think it really makes the difference when you want to have an organized home and life: a place for everything and everything in it's place. This was the first room that I put effort and money into decorating...I got new towels, a shower curtain (don't try going without it...big flood) and swanky new red rugs.

Here is our humble bedroom. We don't have a bedframe or a dresser, so the walk in closet shelves have been dedicated to holding boxes of unmentionables as if they were in drawers. (And we suffer no shortage of boxes...remember that lovely powder room on the first floor?...full of boxes right now!)

That's the end of the tour! Now that we have established that there is indeed a place for everything, we commence the great task of putting everything in its place! How did we fit all this stuff into a two bedroom apartment with no storage space?

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