Tuesday, November 27, 2007

This week at our house...

1. We got home on Saturday and until I could go grocery shopping on Monday, all we had to eat that was fresh was chocolate milk. Chris even tried putting it on his breakfast cereal. Gross.

2. We got home on Saturday and until I could clean out the car on Monday, it ranked an 8 on the nasty stench-o-meter. Now it's about a 5. How I wish I had no sense of smell.

3. We got home on Saturday and since then, Chris has loaded and unloaded the dishwasher at least three times!

4. I'm 33 weeks pregnant. I can no longer reach my toes without twisting and contorting strangely, and comfortable sleep is a distant memory thanks to an awkward belly, rambunctious fetus, and acid reflux.

5. My child ate better, slept better, and entertained herself better at Grandma's house than at our house. Why do you suppose that is? Did I just ignore her better because there were more rooms to abandon her in? Is Grandma just more patient with her than I am?

6. Yesterday I made dinner for Chris so he could eat and run. Then, left to myself for several hours, I actually made dinner for Leah and me (and I don't mean Macaroni & Cheese or PBJ) and we both ate heartily until we were satisfied.

7. I'd like to put up our Christmas decorations this week, but Chris wants to do our tree together (good grief!) which means I have to wait until Friday to have a Christmas tree. By the time that comes, I will already have put up a garland, wrapped presents, and put the lights in the windows.

8. I'm surrounded by half-finished projects new and old, including the Christmas decorations (see number 7), a dried-paint-coated craft table that adorns my living room, a finished but unhung kitchen cabinet, the stenchified car-cleaning project, a box full of stuff from a drawer that was reassigned but which sits on my kitchen table, the house cleaning project which continues to become more daunting, my Relief Society responsibilities, and the list goes on. I even took a shower today but didn't actually do my hair or makeup meaning that I'm also half-finished. Good thing I'm not going anywhere today!

9. This Sunday is Leah's second birthday. This Sunday I teach a lesson in Relief Society. This Sunday we are having guests and having our own Thanksgiving dinner. Hey, I gotta learn the art of the turkey and thanksgiving-day kitchen mayhem some day!

10. I'm tired.


Anonymous said...

I have learned to make Thanksgiving dinner less stressful in several ways.

1- I make the potatoes the day before. Make your mashed potatoes with a little extra milk. Put them in a 9X13 pan and cover them with foil in the fridge. Several hours before dinner, take them out to warm up. When you take the turkey out of the oven, put the potatoes in. By the time the gravy and turkey are ready, the potatoes will be hot. If you want to, you can still put them in a potato bowl if you want to be fancy.

2- Same with stuffing.

3- I can cook a completely frozen turkey. Put it in the oven the night before if it is huge (275). Otherwise, put it in first thing in the morning at about 300.

4- Pies are usually on sale this time of year. You should be able to buy one for 2 or 3 dollars--unless you really just want to make pies. I'll send you my pecan pie recipe if you want it. I was surprised it was the first to go this year. Mom

Sarah said...

No Kidding! What a busy girl you are. I'm very impressed.