Sunday, November 11, 2007

Is anybody out there?

Hello? Can you hear me now?

I like blogging. It's a fun way for me to put into words the quirky or mundane things that go on in our lives, and I don't mind sharing them with you. I even provide pretty pictures to go with them and I've added fancy lists and widgets to the panel for your reading enjoyment. This blog is for you.

Right now my blog gets between 10 and 20 hits a day, half of which are from unique users, the other half are returning for a second helping. I get closer to 30 hits on days when I put up new posts. And for the most part, I know who you are. I know where your ISP is located and what your IP address is and can track the referring link and how long you stuck around. So I know you're there...why do you insist on being invisible?

There are you lurkers out there who check my blog on a daily basis, but then leave without ever leaving a comment or signing my guestbook. You know who you are.

But I want to hear from you! I thrive only on your validation that my life is worth reading about and that it wasn't just a waste of your time to stop by for 90 seconds. I beg you to please comment on my posts...give me that validation that I so crave. Remember that I'm kind of insecure? Even if you only want to comment "Hi my name is Cindy Lou Who and I don't know you but I read your blog every day and I think you're funny" or "I love Cafe Rio, too!" is all I need in order to feel that my well-planned posts are not in vain and wasting away in a cyberspace void. Is there a certain kind of post you want me to write that will get you to comment? Do you want funny? Do you want pictures? Do you want analytical? Give me some feedback here...

I'm just aiming for even three comments per that too much to ask for?


Rebecca said...

I don't always have anything to say. But I like to read about your life and be a part of it.

JustinandKitara said...

Hey! I can't believe how big Leah is getting! How are you guys doing?

The Bishops said... know I read your blog but I just wanted to comment that I know what you mean. I have the same thing going on over here in my blog land. There are people that I see coming on everyday and I have no idea who they are and they don't comment.

cutie pie said...

Jenny, I read your blog often. And I think your posts are so witty. I laughed so hard when you wrote about the monkeys and how it explained baldness. you put it...I "insist on being invisible" because I feel that maybe you don't want to hear from me. Like my comments don't really matter, so why take the time? But now I know different. Maybe you can drop by my blog sometime too...hint hint :-)

Jillian said...

hey jenny, this is jill kick. i found your blog on facebook and like reading about your family... leah is so adorable! i'm still finishing school and am jealous that you already have babies. glad things seem to be going well for you.
- the san diego lurker :)

Sarah K said...

OK, Jenny. I just had a big brother scary moment. Do you also know what I ate for dinner last night?

I teasing. Josh knows how to check who looks on our blog, but I'm too lazy to ever get around to it. I'm impressed you are so savvy.

Joshua said...

Whoa, a comment from "me" wife! Anyway, so I was just going to ask what statistical program you use? I didn't see any tracking script in your page coding...thats right, I'm calling you out! Does blogger have statistical information available already?

Peace out.

Sarah said...

Hello! It's Sarah Z. Just commenting to not be a creepy lurker, I like reading people's blogs and checking in once in a while and seeing what people are up to. I clicked on the facebook link. It amazes me that you're having kids and all that! Congratulations. I'm in the post-college working my butt off, going to grad school, living with roommates phase of my life.