Thursday, January 24, 2008

I watch Jeopardy, so what?

OK, this is so random, but I just have to brag. I just watched Jeopardy (yes, I really enjoy watching Jeopardy) and I knew some answers that none of the contestants got (and this wasn't kids Jeopardy, either). I got one answer (what is tenon?) when no one else got it (as in mortise and tenon) thanks to a design and architecture class I took nearly 3 years ago. Then, the final Jeopardy clue had to do with a "rich and famous" person whose wealth of $900 million once equaled 2% of the GNP, but at his death in 1937 he only had something like $30 million. Two contestants guessed Carnegie, and the other one spelled Rockefeller wrong. I knew the answer and I even knew how to spell it! Can I get some credit for that, Alex?

And for the record, I'm not just vegging out in front of the TV, I'm folding laundry.

End of random bragging.


Anonymous said...

Very smart. Both to know the answers and to entertain your mind while folding laundry.

Anonymous said...

So...who was it? I'm in the dark.

Jenny said...

Rockefeller (and not to be confused with RockERfeller)

Anonymous said...

If they count it wrong when you spell it wrong, I'd never get anything right. I'm the world's worst speller. (And, of course, the world's very worst typist.)