Wednesday, July 02, 2008

In Las Vegas

Here's our little traveler. She didn't sleep a wink. Here she is plugging her ears while Chris sings along to the music; then, enjoying the only movie we have for the PSP (Surf's Up--I haven't actually gotten to watch the whole thing with sound...)

After 5 hours on the road, we arrived in Las Vegas, NV. We had a great time visiting with Chris's high school friends, and I got to experience first hand how goofy this guy I married really is. How could I have forgotten?

We got to watch the sunset from the 27th floor, while reminiscing with old friends (okay, Chris reminisced, I was kind of a wall flower...) It was a great view!

Things we were told before we went:

Don't look at the billboards, don't take any handbills, and don't look at the ground (where said handbills undoubtedly end up)
Wear good walking shoes.

Things we learned:

Wear good walking shoes.
Just drive from point A to point B-parking is free everywhere (unlike in Chicago). It's way faster than taking the monorail (which I admit is a nice but expensive feature), and way cheaper than taking a cab, and don't even think about trying to walk the strip.
Get a good referral for a place to eat.
Bring breakfast food instead of paying $3.25 for a 6 oz carton of yogurt in the hotel "bistro," and bring your own water bottle to the fitness room (there is no drinking fountain, but you can buy a bottle for $2.50!)
Don't stay in the hotel we stayed in-it was a total rip-off!
Buffet at the Sahara: Sad. Buffet at the Excalibur: Excellent.

Also, Las Vegas isn't exactly a family scene. I know, you're probably thinking "Duh! I could have told you that, and I've never been there!" But I still would have had to learn for myself. I thought it would be nice to take Leah to the pool after we checked in to our hotel. I didn't expect to find barely-clad walking tattoos lounging in the pool drinking and smoking. Fortunately, I don't think she noticed. I had no idea that all towns weren't like Provo, where there are plentiful spots to park and nurse a baby for 20 minutes at a time. I had no idea that when they say "Sin City" they really mean it; I think prostitution is actually legal in Las Vegas. And how can every Casino be so packed when there are so many all in one place? You think the market would be completely saturated, but not so. Bottom line: I like living in a sheltered mostly-Mormon bubble, and I don't ever need to go back to Las Vegas.

We ventured with some friends to a Piano Bar at Harrah's. It was really neat to see two pianists "dueling" and taking requests and getting the crowd singing along. But it was a bar. At one point in time, one of the pianists said, "Sit back, get a drink, and enjoy the music! If you don't like to drink, are in a bar. On a Friday night. In Las Vegas. You must be lost!" Yeah, that was us. Trust me, we were there for the company, but in all other respects we were lost.

So in my opinion, we stuck out like sore thumbs. I figured, if we're not gambling or drinking or smoking, we might as well be well dressed! Here we are in our party garb. It was so much fun to get dressed up!

Reuiting with good old friends:


Vegas Hotels said...

Vegas is sin city, there is no point in saying anything else about Vegas. Prostitution is illegal in the city of Las Vegas but the cops do not enforce it. A really good buffet was the one in the Wynn. Going from Point A to Point B in Vegas will always be free because the money in Vegas comes from gambling. Vegas is not meant for everyone but everyone should experience it for themselves at least once in their life.

Rebecca said...

I'm so glad Chris could see his old friends. Sorry you felt like a wall flower. My husband has no desire to go to any reunions and neither do I! We're safe!

To "vegas hotels": I will never experience it and I will have a full life.

The Stiles Family said...

Amen! I forgot to mention the billboards and handbills, so I am glad someone else tipped you off. I knew about your hotel, but didn't want to say anything to you beforehand, in case it might sour you on the experience. Guess it managed that on it's own. Sorry.

There are lots of things to do with kids in Vegas if you know where to look for them, but most of them are not at the Strip.

I agree I much prefer our nice quiet, safe, clean neighborhood here in Utah:-)

Nancy Sabina said...

We had one fun kinda "family" day there letting the kids wander around the castle casino (whatever that one is) and riding the "train". But after about 4 hours we were all done with the "family" options. So I guess it was good that was all we had time for!
And you look simply FAB! Love the red dress.

Erin said...

if you ever go back and want a fun family activity, go to the Shark Reef at Mandaley's kind of expensive, I think 15$ for adults, but it's fun, big, and one of the best aquariums I've been too! And you mostly only see families and it's smoke free!

Kelly said...

I live in Las Vegas and I try to avoid the strip at all costs. Every time we drive down I-15, I keep trying to remind myself and my husband that we need to take the I-95 when we are going to Utah.

There are fun things for kids to do in Vegas, but not anywhere near the strip. There are some cool parks that have water features that are not far away and a new museum opened up called Springs Preserve, that is worth a visit, which is not Vegasy at all.

It is good to see you survived Las Vegas.

angela michelle said...

We stopped for an evening in Las Vegas a couple years ago on our way from Arizona to Utah. The handbills on the ground were a problem and an eye-opener for our boys. The guys kept trying to hand the flyers to my husband--as he was walking along with his wife and kids. HELLLOOO!