Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another use for a screwdriver

Trying to teach a two year old that sometimes "I'm sorry" isn't quite enough, and that you have to fix what you did wrong.
Mom: I broke that other man's car. Should I say I'm sorry?
Leah: yeah
Mom: I think that won't be enough. Do you think we should also fix his car for him?
Leah: yeah. with tools.
Mom: what kind of a tool should we use to fix his car?
Leah: a screwdriver
Mom: Should we fix our car, too?
Leah: Yeah, with a screwdriver.


angela michelle said...

Oh no! I hate fender benders! Too bad you *can't* just say you're sorry.

Jenny said...

I forgot to mention the best part: this is how she says "screwdriver": scoofdiver.

Elizabeth said...

Half the fun of having a kid pronounce things is trying to figure out how to spell it without loosing the charm. I wonder if Frank needs a new scoofdiver for his birthday. :)

Anonymous said...

Those scoofdivers can be handy things! Good luck! Mom