Sunday, October 12, 2008

Spread thin

Well, the kids are both in bed and it's only a matter of time before one of them bounces, so I'll do this quick. (Man, I'm not looking forward to 1:00 church!)

Here's the lowdown from the past few weeks:
Leah is just about fully potty trained (but how do you really know when you are done?). She has only had one accident in the past two and a half months and usually wakes up with a dry pull-up as well. She has gone two weeks without a binky. Combine that with having a big girl bed, I'd say she's....well, a Big Girl! She recently made her first ever joke. After hearing a car horn from outside, she said, "Horn! On the cob!" Very original!

Samuel is crawling and standing and creeping along the furniture, recently got his third haircut, and has two teeth with two more on the way in (accompanied by a fever and crying and stuffy nose and not sleeping). He eats everything we put in front of him, and other things we try to keep away from him. He has recently learned how to crawl up stairs and consequently how to fall down them.

I've been busy with all my many projects, and for a stay-at-home mom/Relief Society president ironically none of them have been dishes or laundry or cooking or cleaning or president-ing(presiding?). On the contrary, I have been doing lots of stamping (you know you want to!), I finally started scrapbooking our wedding (I got an awesome new photo printer!), and I've been working on Halloween costumes. Yesterday I made a cape for Chris, who will go as The Phantom of the Opera, and I have all but the finishing touches to apply to Leah's "Toy Story" Jesse costume. (Oh, and there are two boys across the street who will be going as Woody and Buzz! I can't wait to get a picture of the whole crew!) I've left plenty of time to create and perfect Cruella DeVille's Dalmatian coat for myself. I think it will be fun. We also attended a very fun and nostalgic dinner this past week with good friends from our old alma-mater and the origin of "Chris&Jenny", SVU!
Chris is taking a break dancing class and getting really good, and he continues to work out one and half or two hours 6 days a week. Oh yeah, he's also working full-time, being a full-time graduate student, and a full-time dad simultaneously.

Snow-capped Timpanogos from our back door. It's only a matter of time until that snow creeps down into our valley! (Chris took this one!)


david and michal said...

leah's costume is ADORABLE!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what is second most impressive--the costume, the Timp picture, or the muscles. The first very most impressive thing is the pants out of the closet! Those things don't happen by accident. I haven't had my pre-pregnancy pants out of the closetsince you were born. Mom

Unknown said...

Was just in UTAH and it was BEAUTIFUL! Can't wait to take my kids some day!
Hugs from another supermom :)

Nancy Sabina said...

That is some big time Big Girl! She's had a busy transitional time (and I guess maybe you've been busy too!). Congrats!

Rebecca said...

Oh Leah is getting so old! To make corny jokes like that? Besides all the other big girl things she's doing!

Hang in there, you sound pretty super these days!