Monday, January 19, 2009

My beef with Disney

Since my daughter is a parrot, I can always ask her "What's that from?" and she'll tell me if its from Little Einsteins, Mary Poppins, or the boy next door. Lately she's identified which phrases in Disney movies have the most attitude and will most undoubtedly push my buttons.

Here are the latest lines she adopted:

I don't care (Little Mermaid)
You wasted your time (Toy Story)
You're not listening to me (not sure)
Leave me alone (not quite sure)

and of course:
I hate you (Finding Nemo)



angela michelle said...

Yep, kids definitely have a talent for identifying the most objectionable line from otherwise unobjectionable movies. Mine also seem to parrot me from my worst moments.

Mom said...

I once threw away a Disney record because of objectional content. In fact, I threw away a Book of Mormon stories cassett because I got tired of hearing Laman and Lemuel whine and argue. Honestly, if I wanted to hear kids argue, I wouldn't be playing Book of Mormon stories. Mom

The Stiles Family said...

Cameron is a mimic as well, and we have to constantly watch what we say. When we lived in Vegas we had several neighbors who would yell horribly obscene things at each other. We were so worried that Cameron would stat mimicking them! We are so happy to be away from there!

Rebecca said...

I think "Leave me alone" is in Nemo too. They argue a lot in that one.

But I've only watched it once or twice. We have yet to enter that stage of life around here...

Nancy Sabina said...

I've totally been there - and AM there. I sometimes have to turn off Sesame Street because Zoey and Elmo are fighting or something and it drives me nuts. Sure, they're gonna learn a lesson from it in 10 minutes - but I might go crazy before then!