Monday, January 12, 2009

My New Kitchen

6 New chairs at IKEA: $120
Supplies from the paint store: $40
How mad am I that I didn't take a picture of Leah painting with me--in only a pull-up, and completely covered in stain, proudly holding up a paint brush??? REALLY MAD!

Our kitchen table seating options included two orange arm chairs (so old and ugly), three black folding chairs, a gray rolling office chair, and an ottoman. Can you see why I wanted new kitchen chairs?

I have also had the idea in the back of my mind for years to sand the sides of my kitchen table and paint them red, but I impulsively started sanding the legs too, and that was a huge project. I spent at least six hours sanding table legs, regretting it the entire time, and I'm not even sure you can tell. If I were to do it again (I wouldn't) I would definitely get an electric sander. Do I get any exercising points for doing that much sanding?

Here are some before, during, and after shots of my kitchen re-vamp project

While in paint/project/redecorating mode, I also put up my "Serve the Lord" Decor from Stampin' Up on a really neat frame. I found it at the Hallmark store, of all places, but it was the only one I could find that was the right size, and I think it is perfect! I also painted a toy box orange (IKEA said it was red--be glad I didn't make that the color of my kitchen furniture!). I think I've inhaled enough stain, polyurethane, and paint thinner for a while!


Rebecca Reid said...

Yes, definitely get exercise points. Or at least "you are so incredibly ambitious you win!" points.

It looks so incredibly beautiful! I am so happy for you!

Unknown said...

Very nice! Hmm, I need a cabinet stained. Can I ire you? LOL.

Kat Dahl said...

I'm sure that was a ton of work, but the kitchen set now looks gorgeous. If I had time, and felt like it was really worth the time, I might consider doing something like that to my kitchen set. My sister Christine gave it to us when she moved to Brazil, and it has a lot of permanent marker streaks, and huge nicks in it from...oh, I don't playing with scissors. I would like to get it all sanded smooth and the marker removed...but I don't think that will ever happen. You rock for doing all that!!

Nancy Sabina said...

Congrats! It looks fab! And I think you TOTALLY get excercise points for that kind of thing. You had your heart rate up, right?

Anonymous said...

It's lovely dining furniture for kitchen... It looks great!!