Friday, March 27, 2009

The secret to great health

I talked with a guy at Home Depot today about how to get rid of ants in our basement. Basically, there are these little dishes that the ants go in to eat poison. Then they go back to their "nests" and die. So I asked him: "Won't you just have piles of ant carcasses in your walls?" Yep. Gross.

Then I made up a totally stupd joke. I have my dad's sense of humor, so be prepared for a real groaner. (love ya, Dad!)

1: How do you keep yourself really healthy?
2: How?
1: You buy ant bait stations and place them all over your house.
2: That gets rid of ants, but how does that help me to be healthy?

--brace yourself--this is really stupid--

1: Because you now have a house full of ant-bodies!


Anonymous said...

I like that joke!

This is Carl, BTW.

Mom said...

Dad is laughing out loud. Definitely his kind of humor.

Rebecca said...