Wednesday, April 29, 2009

And to think, I didn't even use magic

Last week Leah announced that she wanted a Little Mermaid toy. So we made a deal that if she could go a week without having an accident, we'd go to the store and she could pick out whatever new toy she wanted (provided it was under $10). We then started marking a smiley face on her calendar for every day that she went without an accident, and then counted each consecutive smiley to see if we had reached seven yet.

Half way through the week, she decided she wanted a magic ("magzick") wand instead. "Okay--you can pick out whichever toy you want. But only one toy. Are you sure you don't want a Little Mermaid?" I asked.

Then on the way to Target today, she announced that she wanted a Little Mermaid Magic Wand. Okay--that might be harder. "I don't know if they have that. We'll have to look and see."

We went straight to the toy department. As we walked toward the girly aisle, lo and behold, there on the end display I spotted a basket with $4 magic wands. Princess wands.

And so, in less than 10 seconds, we found this:

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is a Little Mermaid Magic Wand.


david and michal said...

this sort of thing only happens in a little 3 year-old girl's world...don't you love it?!!

angela michelle said...

Oh I believe in the magic of target!

Unknown said...

Aww, dreams really do come true!

Petersen Palace said...

AMAZING! your supermom tidal fits you perfect!

Rebecca said...

yeay! How great.