Sunday, April 26, 2009

Leah-girl the songbird

These are the moments I want to savor forever.

I've noticed several things: Chris is always cooking in the background and my children are usually at the kitchen table or in pajamas when I make a video of them, but they are always so cute, anyway!


Mom said...

She sings Rock A-bye Baby in true Sorenson style. Well taught. I was glad she didn't try to "almost" drop Samuel.

Dani said...

i have tears coming out of my eyes i am laughing so hard at those multiple front flips!!!!!!!!!! oh man he is awesome! leah is so awesome too. What great kids!

Dani said...

Ok now i am laughing to the point of crying because of his balancing act!!!!!! oh my gosh! HILARIOUS! He and Caleb would seriously be BEST best BEST friends!!!!!!!!!!!

Rebecca said...

Oh cute girl! I can't believe Samuel stays so still for so long. Paul won't let me rock him for more than 2 seconds.

I wasn't sure about the obsession with pools: I thought, wow, you must go swim a lot. It makes sense she was looking at a picture ;)