Friday, June 26, 2009

What you can accomplish on a rainy day

Leah likes to be a fairy, prefers to sleep in a nest of blankets next to her bed, continues to recite movie lines, has had great potty success lately, and reasons her way out of perplexing conundrums like "We're all out of popsicles" and "It's too rainy to go outside." ("I know, an umbrella can help us!"). She has absolutely no concept of "patience."

Samuel has had18 poopy diapers (and counting) in the last 52 hours, and consequently used an entire tub of wipes and half a tube of Desitin. Sir Poops a Lot can climb onto the kitchen counter and halfway up Leah's ladder. He can say two dozen words and hams it up when the camera comes out. He has learned that climbing into the dishwasher and playing in the garbage can will earn him a spank. (Oh, the tears!)

The air conditioning is up and running, the sprinklers are sprinkling, (the weeds are growing), my compost is composting (I hope). We are enjoying season 4 of House (although I am lost without LOST). Chris got a calling teaching Elders' Quorum, I had a Discovery toys party yesterday and made new friends (hence, the cleaning of the house...), decided its just not worth it to take two kids to the water park by myself, and am working on matching dresses for Leah and cousin Jessica. Prototype L:

And the living room and kitchen have not been this clean since we moved in! Here are the final views of projects completed. Notice the new chic paint and completed curtains, new microwave in the kitchen (I guess 6 years was enough for the $40 one to call it quits...) and yes, that is freshly baked bread on the counter :)

Stay tuned for an accounting of our trip to San Francisco, the zoo, the carnival, bike rides, and everything else we've done in the last month.


Petersen Palace said...

You go girl! And you won't have to spank forever because he will learn. Keep it up though...for your own sanity! Sorry I missed the toys party, when we have more money we will have more intricate toys. Breathe easy tonight. :)

Teacher Eli said...

Can't wait to see your house in person--the pictures are beautiful! I have to rush and take pictures when my house is clean sometime, because it will surely be messy again in 3 minutes.

Rebecca said...

What a lovely kitchen, and house!