Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sparking Pots and other "darndest" things

The latest from Leah's lips:

"My grandkids call me Tinkerbell. And Ariel."

"Is Samuel going to grow up to be a Chris?"

"Dad, you're still Mr. Incredible."

"Mom, did you find a sparking pot yet?"

"Mom, will you say 'Oh, look at those tears' because you're a good mommy?

"Eyeballs are for blinking."

Mom: "I love you Leah."
Leah: "I love you too sweetheart!"


Mom said...

Well, it's pretty obvious that your kids will imitate whatever they hear you say and do. I'm so glad they say and do sweet things!

Petersen Palace said...

Ah haha I'm laughing out loud! How cute. You are such a great mommy!

angela michelle said...

cute! i love the hilarious little things kids say.

Rebecca said...

Ah, how cute! I think my favorite is " Is Samuel going to grow up to be a Chris?"