Wednesday, August 19, 2009

DC in a nutshell

Here are some hightlights of DC:
  • Leah and I getting poured on while crossing the mall with Ruthie and Josh, and finding the promised carousel ride closed. Leah was a really good sport about running through the rain. After that she got to go inside a butterfly habitat, and that was very satisfying. Then Grandma and Grandpa took her on the carousel a couple days later, so double score!
  • Seeing the Marine Band and the Navy Band perform (I made mom her very own ring-tone of Stars and Stripes forever, recorded live from the Marine Barracks. How many can boast that?)
  • Went to the top of the Washington Monument, did a night walk of the monuments, and a guided tour of the Capital building
  • Saw Seinfeld's Puffy Shirt and Dorothy's ruby slippers at the Museum of American History
  • Stood inches away from the only DaVinci in the hemisphere at the National Gallery.
  • Went kayaking!
  • Emceed the family talent show at the pool party.
  • Shelled out 8 bucks an hour for a sitter who managed to put Samuel's diaper on inside out. (Explain that one to me...) Us small town Provo folk aren't used to $8 an hour anything...
  • My GPS Vanessa led us all over town and through the back roads to get anywhere, and Dad's van was too tall to fit in any parking garage in the city. Way to be a trooper, Dad!
  • My parents were truly glorious to help with the kids so much and give me some opportunities to sight-see without them.


Petersen Palace said...

Inside out? Are you serious?? A trip like that is next on my list. Sounds incredible!

Rebecca said...

Wow, it sounds like you sure had a good time! Kayaking sure sounds like fun to me!