Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Happy Harvest Cheese

I finally put up some decorations!

I like Halloween, but I don't necessarily want to have a ghost, witch, graveyard scene. Plus, I like the idea of decorating for the fall season, not necessarily for the Halloween day, and this way I can leave the decorations up through November. The inspiration for this was the $5 corn stalk at the grocery store, which seemed to sum up the whole season. Then Leah helped me pick out the baskets, which we spray painted green and red. I elected to get real pumpkins and colorful squash, which were actually cheaper than fake, plastic ones (And I guess if we got really hungry, we could eat them). The baskets, paint, and chalkboard were only about $25, and those things I will be able to reuse every year!

Now the kids are playing with chalk on a little chalkboard in the house. That $.79 box of chalk will go a long way, I think. I plan to carve the big pumpkin on the left soon--it's at least 30 pounds.

Here is our new and improved front door. The kids wouldn't get out of the way, so I figured they could just be in the picture. Leah "helped" me right Happy Harvest on the little chalkboard, so when I told her to say cheese, she said "Happy Harvest Cheese."


Jamie J Stansfield said...

super cute! i love it!

Rebecca said...

I'm glad the kids are in it because they are so cute too! Happy fall!

Mom said...

I'm inspired. It's time to put up some decorations here. And alas, we are due for a hard frost tonight, so I need to go out and take out the summer flowers before they get all dead and slimy. It's sad to see summer go, but with corn stalks and pumpkins, all will be well.

Sarah Stiles said...

Very cute! I have also wanted to do cute decorations like that, but we are poor and I am lazy:-P I do tedn to go all out for Christmas, though. Many, many lights!

Creative Stirrings said...

What cute kids! I am glad to see you two are doing so well! We miss having you as neighbors!

Thomas and Melissa Orsak