Wednesday, October 27, 2010

365 days to decide

Ever since (before) last Halloween, Leah has been periodically announcing what she wants to be for the next Halloween. Here is a not quite comprehensive list of the past year.

Jessie (again)
A dog
A fairy
Snow White
The Incredibles family
Mickey Mouse
A pumpkin
...and lots more I didn't write down.

On October 1, I asked for a final answer so I could make her a costume. I asked her every day after that to make sure she still wanted to be that thing. And here we are: My little pink Unicorn!

Coming soon... Samuel the (nice) bat, and Jenny's oven.


Dad Sorenson said...

I have never seen such an attractive pink unicorn. Good job. I'm sure Leah will be voted best-of-show in the pink unicorn convention.
Regarding the salt & pepper shaker, in the last year I have learned that people in and from the British Isles put pepper in the shaker with the more holes, while everybody else I know puts salt in the more hole-y shaker.

Mom said...

Leah is very into character with her unicorn pose. She has a great career on the stage in her future. As for the salt and pepper, you might as well put salt in both as far as I'm concerned.