Sunday, October 17, 2010

Press Release


F0sdick Industries
Provo, UT

October 17, 2010--Fosdick Industries, dormant since 2008, announce that developments for Product C are currently underway. At this early stage of product development, it is unknown whether the newest product will be packaged in pink or blue. Jenny Fosdick, CFO and Architect of Product C is hoping to diversify the portfolio with an unprecedented tow-top this time around, and possibly pink packaging.

Products A and B have expressed opinions about the name for the newest development; among the contenders are “Tree” and “Charlie Brown.” The board, which meets in Provo, UT, is currently accepting additional nominations.

Fosdick Industries introduced their first prototype in 2005(pink), followed closely by the second in 2008(blue). Product A has shown progress in literacy and counting. Product B has yet to master waste management procedures. Critics are hoping that with such a lapse in product deliveries, perhaps the newest model will sport more advanced features than previous models.

At only 10 weeks into the project, the Architect has been displeased by data input rejection, however development associates assure that this is normal and good and will not hinder product development. Current development needs include lots of substance input in the form of carbohydrates and chocolate, as well as lots of rest.

Research and development teams anticipate that 1 prototype will be completed in May of 2011.


Tara said...

Congratulations!! What a fun way to announce. I love it.

Cami said...

Love it Jenny! Congratulations! Oh and by the way... the word I have to type in to verify that my comment is from a human is "pregoshi." Maybe it's a sign that you are "prego" with a "shi." :)

angela michelle said...

Jenny, you are a hoot. Congratulations! Hope your input retention improves soon.

I recently told the kids that the best way they could take care of our baby was to bring me chocolate. Jesse said, "I will bring you fwoots and vegetables." The stinker.

Megan said...

How exciting! Congratulations!

Annie Hatch said...

Congratulations!! That is awesome.