Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Leah's Latest

"I'm the kid, and when I ask for juice, you're supposed to give it to me."

Leah went to a friend's birthday party recently, and one of the activities was face painting. Leah said she didn't want to have her face painted. When the hostess asked why not, she said that coloring is for paper and not for bodies. Way to go, girl!

A few weeks ago Leah was assigned to give a talk in Primary. Only nobody told us about it. So that Sunday after church, the leaders asked us if we knew about it, since we hadn't been there to help or watch with pride. "NO!" Apparently, she did a great job giving a totally impromptu talk all by herself. She talked about how we should go to church and be nice to people, etc. Way to go, girl!

And last week during the sacrament, she asked (rather loudly) about a black man in our ward, "Why does that brown guy have his eyes closed?"


Petersen Palace said...

so I babysat a four year old the other day and after all the kids had dinner she pranced into the kitchen and said, "hey can I get some dessert?" HAH! Kids are a crack up!

Rebecca said...

wow, what a big girl, giving a talk all by herself! Apparently, she has the gift of gab. Most sunbeams are afraid of everything. Even sunbeams.

Cute coat.