Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A little red

Project: Paint one half-wall of the bathroom.

Cost: $13 for 1 quart of paint

Supplies: Paint brushes, tape, drop cloths

Time: 4 hours start to finish

End result: Totally awesome! I don't know why it took me a year to get around to this. We wanted that wall to be red since the day we moved in. It's the curved wall in the hall bathroom, tiled on the lower half. It makes the little room defined, enclosed, comfortable.

The pictures don't do justice to my 1-afternoon project, since it is too small of a room and I don't have a wide-angle camera. You'll just have to make a potty stop to get the full effect!


Mom said...

Want to come paint mine? I think it is time for the little bathroom to lose the tulip wallpaper.

Rebecca said...

yeay! I'd love a red wall somewhere in my house, but for now I'll stick with the bright orange family room, I guess. (Not a fan of orange, but it works!)

Nancy Sabina said...

Nothing better than a red accent wall! It looks great.