Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Samuel's Sentances

It's just me and Samuel this week--Chris and Leah are visiting family in Pensacola and Orlando. It has been interesting to observe how Samuel is different when he is the only kid around and gets all the attention. I notice so many things about him that I don't notice when there are two kids. On the other hand, I can't always understand what he says, and Leah is not here to translate for me (she really does translate!) Here are some of my favorite things that Samuel has said lately.

Mom: What are you drinking?
Samuel: I'm drinking water.

M: Let's go have some breakfast.
S: Chicken nuggets.
M: No, how about we have some cereal or mush.
S: Mush with sugar on it! (sooger)

M: What color is that? (Trying to see which color he will pick of several on a blanket pattern)
S: Polka-dot.

M: Would you like water or milk?
S: Water. Milk. Milkshake.

S: I hurt me right here. (pointing and bringing the offending appendage for a kiss better)

S: Mmmm. It's yum.

S: I no want kisses.

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Mom said...

Samuel has such a mature face, that every time I see that big smile I think he'll look just the same when he is 16--and he'll still want milkshake and kisses--maybe not with you. Better send him to Gramma.