Friday, May 14, 2010

So that's how it goes...

I learned this song at Girl Scout Camp one year, but I could never remember more than one verse and the chorus. I still sing it every time I make cookies. So today (while eating my melty cookies and a glass of milk) I googled it to find out if it is a real song. Here are the lyrics:

They're made outta sugar, and butter and flour
You can bake 'em in the oven 'bout a quarter of an hour
But the thing that gives them, their magical power,
Are the Chocolate Chips inside
Boom Boom Boom

Chocolate Chip Cookies, You gotta have more
You can bake 'em in the oven Or buy them at the store
But whatever you do Have them waiting at the door,
And I'll love ya till I die
Boom Boom Boom

You can't have one, You can't have two
Once ya start a munchinThere's a nothin you can do
So clean off your plate And eat the crumbs too
And go out and buy some more
Boom Boom Boom

Repeat Chorus

And when I die I don't want wings
I don't want a halo Or a harp that sings
Give me a book, a fire, And someone who brings me
Chocolate chip cookies all day
Boom Boom Boom

Repeat Chorus

And here is a "Music Video" so you can hear the tune. I have to say, this version is a little cheesy and if I were taking a picture of the inside of my oven, I would clean it first. (And what is up with pictures of Whoopi Goldberg?)

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