Friday, June 25, 2010

Vacation Part 2: Monkeys and Manatees

Brookfield Zoo. We saw so many animals. We especially enjoyed the monkeys jumping and swinging, catching grapes in their mouth from 30 feet away, and playing in the hay. Leah liked the big cats. I enjoyed the underwater viewing of the manatees and seals. The kids also enjoyed the carousel. Samuel slept through half of the day! While Mom, Dad, Frank and the littlest ones got stuck in the giraffe house, Daniel, Leah and I had an adventure getting to the train station during a thunderstorm. The kids wanted to experience a train ride home. A good samaratin drove us to the station, but just crossing the street we got totally drenched. I've forgotten about the spontanous, violent storms and the torrential rain!

At home, my kids were "monkeys" climbing in Grandma's backyard, and then "manatees" swimming in the pool. This is the life!

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david & michal said...

i love the photo of samuel on the slide--sooo cute!