Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vacation Part 4: Project!!

What happens when you put two ambitious women in the same house for 2 weeks, one with a stylistic vision and the other with a credit card, and nothing to do but watch and entertain a bunch of little kids?

Redecorate the bathroom and hall!

The project consisted of stripping the wallpaper, scrubbing the paste off, spackling, sanding the spackle, masking the woodwork, painting the walls (3 colors) and the ceiling, selecting and installing a mirror, light fixtures, switchplates, drawer pulls, and lastly cleanup.

Total Cost: $250
Time: 4 days
Trips to the hardware store: 5

Mom trusted my vision of what would be a good look for the bathroom, took the leap of faith on some new, vibrant colors, and on painting the oak bathroom cabinet, and it turned out great!

(circa 1995)






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Mom said...

The real leap of faith was that my husband wouldn't have a fit about me painting the oak vanity. The colors ending up perfect, and the hardware and and fixtures really do yank me out of the 80's. Thanks!