Thursday, July 08, 2010

I earned my title today, thank you very much

For a self-proclaimed "supermom," I don't have that many days that demonstrate my supermom-ness. Except for maybe today.

Today I....
  • Gave the kids baths
  • Cleaned up vomit several times (which is why they got baths)
  • Camped in a tent in the back yard with the kids
  • Swept and mopped the kitchen and hallway
  • Scrubbed and bleached all the garbage cans in the house
  • Cleaned the kitchen counters and ran the dishwasher twice
  • Washed and put away more than four loads of laundry.
  • Organized our bedroom closet, picking out the things to go to DI (and those blue capris that I thought were goners actually fit me instead!)
  • Rounded up all the winter gloves and hats and scarves and put them in their own bin. (Okay, I know it's July....)
  • Got out the sewing machine and did all the mending that has been on my to-mend list forever, including make Leah a pair of cut-offs (and with a double needle, ooh, la, la!)
  • Made cookies (with two preschoolers helping, mind you)
  • Cleaned up after the cookies
  • Had a steak and potato dinner ready when my husband came home at 6:00

Okay, so I guess if I delivered the cookies to my visiting teachees with a hand made card, I would get a few more points. I did pull one weed tyring to find the garden hose, but theres a lot more I didn't pull. And Samuel is still not potty trained....

Wait, I'm trying to make my case for Supermom.

Well, the night is young, maybe I'll still manage to get to the gym!


Kat Dahl said...'re Super in my book! Congrats!!

Chris Fosdick said...

You are also superwife and super sexy!!! Thank you and I love you!

Ellen Sorenson said...

And how many hours are in your day? Whatever you're taking, I wnat some!

Jenny said...

Well I did make it to the gym and did 50 minutes of cardio just so that I could say I did it all in one day.

And to answer your question, I'm taking 2 anti-depressants and a thyroid-booster called cytomel. You should try it!