Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Bread is the answer

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Since we started planning to move, I began using up my kitchen supplies without replenishing them, and so this weekend when I went to make cookies, I ran out of flour. I borrowed some from a friendly new neighbor and offered them cookies in exchange. So yesterday when I went to the store, I put flour on the list. A 5 or 10 pound bag would have been sufficient, but for some reason, I got a 25 pound bag. It didn't occur to me that no one has ever used an entire 25 lbs of flour. What was I thinking?

Chris helped me pour some flour into a smaller tub, and by the time we had done so, flour was falling like snow flurries onto our eyelashes. I then began to realize that if I'm going to fulfil my role in preserving our environment, I better start making my own bread.

If we continue to rape our environment of its natural resources, our children will be forced to purchase the right to breathe clean air as if it were a commodity. We are constantly stealing water from fresh springs so we can indulge in things like "bottled water," and we are are cutting down trees 'to make toilet paper that we are never going to use' (quoted from an actual college student's essay). Instead we should be sitting in the dark and watching trees grow for our entertainment, eating organic foods to discourage the use of poisonous pesticides, and while you're at it, you might as well live in a tent and live off the land where you dont use (and therefore waste) any energy by doing such repulsive things as shaving, wearing clothes, or driving a car.
(Check out this guy's interesting list of tips: http://www.mattneuman.com/49simple.htm).

Computers are, of course, out of the question, since they obviously are a waste of energy. Doh!

Now I'm overcome with guilt: I take a shower at least once a week, am filling landfills with half a dozen of my daughter's manufactured diapers daily, and can't seem to live comfortably in January without a furnace running. Wouldn't you think that global warming would be a good thing if it means that some day we wont have to heat our homes because we no longer suffer from winter? It is an environmental quagmire of exorbitant proportions.

Home-made bread warms the heart and soul, and is the solution to all our environmental problems.

All this talk about what a drain I am on our environment has made me depressed, and instead of making homemade bread, all I really want to do is make chocolate chip cookies and soak in the tub with the stereo blaring. C'est la Vie.

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Sarah said...

Funny! Yeah, toilet paper is totally overrated...