Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I'm a Winner!
Within the past two weeks, life has turned up several surprises...I started winning things. I won second place in my cousin Annie's blog poll about the worst gift I'd ever received...(My alleged "best friend" in middle school gave me facewash and tomato red lipstick for Christmas-was this some kind of message?). See my fame here.

Then, one evening while driving, I got bored and decided that since I was in the car anyway with a cell phone, I might as well call the radio station and vote to "Mix it or Nix it" about a new song. To be totally honest, I didn't care about the song at all, I just wanted to see if I would be the random caller that would win a free dinner at Sweet Tomatoes restaurant. I called in and actually got through, gave my "Mix it" response, had a friendly converstation with the DJ, and then she told me that I had won! Awesome! You know how they ask you at the end what your favorite radio station is? You really should know the answer when you call...just in case.

Do you think my winning streak will continue? Should I start playing the lottery? Nah. But this gives Chris and I the opportunity to have a nice free dinner for our anniversary. Any offers for a babysitter?

Born to Ride
Now that we have uncovered the floor in our new home, we realized it was time to assemble Leah's Little Red Wagon she got for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa S. It ocurred to me that someday we will be assembling similar toys on Christmas Eve. (And they will always take at least twice as long to assemble than you expect)

Sure enough, this morning when she descended upon our living room for the first time, she ran over to the wagon just like a little child should on Christmas Day. She can even climb into by herself...I didn't realize that until after she had done it and couldn't get back out. She was very happy to roll back and forth across the living room. We'll go for a ride tomorrow!

Nice Pick

Leah has learned to pick her nose. What kind of message are we sending her by laughing and taking pictures? Does that reinforce this kind of behavior? or create feelings of shame? Click here for the full story.


Sarah said...

You are only the second person I have ever known to win something off the radio! When I was a kid we used to spend hours dialing stations trying to get through and win stuff and never even came close. I haven't ever tried since then.

LOVE the pic of Leah's nose!

Aunt Joy said...

Jessica and I did win 4 tickets to a Garth Brooks concert in Iowa City about 13 years ago on the radio. Congrats on your winning. If we lived closer I would take Leah in a heart beat so you and Chris could go for dinner.

Nice looking place and you sure do have lots of room. Love Leah's picture of her nose picking!