Thursday, March 22, 2007

Restaurant Review: Cafe Pierpont

We've stumbled twice upon a wonderful resaurant in downtown Salt Lake City, Cafe Pierpont. This Mexican restaurant serves up burritos the size of newborn children, features a 6-option salsa bar, and will forever spoil you to Mexican food--you'll never want to go back to Chevy's. We stopped in to treat ourselves since we were on the town and had a willing babysitter for the evening. With only $15 to our names, we enjoyed an appetizer and dessert, and gave our server a generous tip. Our appetizer--although shared between the two of us was filling enough to be considered a meal--consisted of Chicken taquitos, served on a bed of lettuce with sour cream, tomatoes, guacamole and dipping sauce. I've never been so impressed with a mexican dish in my life...I'm drooling now thinking about it. The freezer kind can't even compare-the wrap was crispy, the chicken was perfectly seasoned, and the dipping sauces were the perfect complement.

Then we ordered cheesecake. Again, I was expecting the freezer kind, which is also good. But what we got was beyond anything I had ever expected. Again, a crispy fried tortilla encased cheesy ganache, with ice cream and chocolate syrup...I don't know how else to describe it. It was sinfully delicious!

Our experience was fantastic. The food was incredible, the prices were incredible. We even had a friendly server who also knew when to leave us alone! What more can you ask for? So have I made you hungry? Next time you are in the area, head to SLC for a stint at Cafe Pierpont, and pick us up on your way there!

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