Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thursday from Texas

I'm in Texas this week with my Gramma. We've been having a fantastic time together. She especially loves seeing my Leah and ordering me around, but its okay because she gives me chocolate.

Today I encountered three very strange instances, all within the same couple of hours. I saw a woman will a very full mustache. Any amount of mustache on a woman is unnatural, but this was more than just peach fuzz. It was unmistakably a mustache, with long dark hairs, at least 1/4 of an inch long.

I also saw a woman with a very conspicuous wig. She was very short, probably not much taller than 5 feet, but instead of high platform shoes to increase her height, she wore a ridiculous, tall, black wig. It was dark hair piled and piled beautifully in a Marge Simpson-esque tower. I could see blond whiskers coming out at the bottom of her coiffure where it was very clearly not attached to her head.

Then I saw a woman with very hairy legs. This was not just I-forgot-to-shave-this-week-but-accidentally-wore-a-skirt stubble. This woman was particularly masculine looking, her legs had several gashes, and were unmistakably and intentionally unshaven. Whats more is that I encountered her in a retail business where she was an employee. She had the demeanor that suggested she would slug me if I looked at her wrong.

I can give the wig-lady a little credit for putting effort into present-ability, but unmistakable facial hair? Conspicuous leg hair? I myself am not particularly keen on morphing into a Hollywood star when it comes to appearances. I want to be individual and unique, but also presentable. I don't think people should be anorexic to loose weight so they can look like Kate Moss, and I don't think people should change their bodies with surgery so they can have bigger this and smaller that. And to be honest, when I'm not adequately shaven, I simply wear pants.

So here is my question: Is this a Texas thing? or a Thursday thing?

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Sarah said...

Unshaven legs is definitely NOT a Texas thing. It sounds terribly grizzly. I wonder if she was hiding something even worse under all that hair...

The big hair, Texan.