Wednesday, October 03, 2007

True Confessions

1. Although I am 24 years old, I continue to eat macaroni and cheese several times a week.

2. On a semi-annual basis, I take approximately 20 minutes to satisfy my need to fill in on Hollywood gossip. I know, S.A.D.

3. I just finished using a 40 oz. container of shampoo. It took me two years. (And I even rinse and repeat...)

4. It doesn't take much for me to cry: A Baby Story, a sappy movie ending, an AT&T commercial, you name it, I'm sniffly within seconds.

5. I eat food off the floor. (You remember the 10 second rule?)

6. My floors really aren't that clean.

7. I secretly hope to be the next American Idol.

8. I really don't enjoy being pregnant (...not to minimize the miracle that it is), but I'm taking several years off after this one.

9. On a regular basis, I don't change out of my pajamas until afternoon.

10. I still occasionally have (PG-rated) dreams about a guy I had a crush on throughout high school.

11. I'm really quite insecure and require validation for everything I do.

12. I'm really not Supermom. (It's a pathetic attempt to appear to do more than I am actually capable of)


cutie pie said...

Jenny...we like you just the way you are! BTW, I have a confession to make...I enjoyed reading your post, twice. :-) raquel

angela michelle said...

I also still love mac&cheese, which is actually a handy trait for moms.

Sarah said...

Jenny, when I read your blog I miss you.