Sunday, November 02, 2008

Candy Coma

What do you get when Cruella DeVille and the Phantom of the Opera reproduce? A round-baby-faced Dalmatian and a genuine cowgirl!

Leah had two Reese's peanut butter cups and got a tummy ache before we even left home. Of course, she had refused to take a nap earlier in the day, so when it was finally time to go trick-or-treating, she wanted to lie down and rest. But once the first costumed kids came by and she could see how the system worked, she was ready to get going. Unfortunately, she wanted to eat every piece of candy as it was deposited into her pumpkin, a practice we obviously had to stop before it got started.

This year I made my Cruella coat, Leah's vest, chaps, and arm/sleeve thingies (without a pattern, thank you very much!), and Chris's cape and vest. I got Samuel's costume at Walmart for $8. You can't really see it in the picture, but Chris is wearing a wig, and it looks pretty good! He got an award at his office Halloween party for the most elaborate costume. Go Phantom!

After the neighborhood trick-or-treat, we ventured over to the church for our ward's annual chili cook-off, party, and trunk or treat. It was a blast. Halfway through the meal Samuel pulled an entire bowl of chili onto my lap which included Chris's phantom cape, my dress, and my Cruella coat. Ugh. It was really messy. Oh well, I guess I'm washable. Speaking of washing, my hair was so tangly that I had to cut the hair ties out, it took four shampoos to get all the paint out, and two conditionings to get the majority of the tangles out. Then my shower enclosure looked like Psycho meets blender. Greaaat.

Okay, here are some awesome pictures. It is 2:24am. I am much less coherent at this hour than at day-light hours, although sometimes I'm not entirely coherent then, either. Actually, thanks to daylight savings time, I think it is really only 1:24...again. Either way, I think it's too late/early to be blogging. I better hit the sack. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

You definitely know how to have fun! Great job. I wish I could have been there to party with you.

david and michal said...

your costumes look totally awesome!!! i wish i were a more decorative/holidayish type wife...instead i'm a boring, work every holiday wife. maybe we'll get more into the holiday thing when we have kids?...

Rebecca said...

cute kids. Who's the little boy dressed as Woody? Nice he found Leah-Jesse!