Thursday, November 06, 2008

Luck of Late

I'm becoming increasingly familiar with the Allstate Insurance claims process. I had that ridiculous car accident in August and was thoroughly humbled to be a more cautious driver. (And even though I should probably avoid Target based on Leah's stitches and my parking lot crunch, I still continue to go there--is that asking for trouble?)

Well, not only did we seriously loose the remote control several weeks ago, forcing us to actually decide what we want to watch before sitting down, I've now misplaced my keys and already managed to get locked out once.

And the clincher, last week one of our bikes got stolen!

It was the one I won in a drawing back in 2004. And this summer we bought a second one just like it so we could go on bike rides together. Here's the strangest part of this all: We had two bikes hanging upside down in our carport, with a car parked underneath them. They were both locked. The perpetrator cut the cable on the older bike and took it and didn't even attempt cutting the cable of the newer, nicer bike (fortunately!). So how do you cut a cable and maneuver a bike down from the rafters with a car parked underneath it? Do people that do this kind of thing seriously have no conscience whatsoever?

Chris had been riding it to work every day and we were only filling up the gas tank twice a month, but with a $250 deductible, we can't exactly buy a brand new bike.

Any brilliant ideas of where to find our bike, my keys, or the remote? (And it's not in the couch) Maybe we'll find them all together with a stash of lonely socks. That's my bad luck. Oh, and I have a stomach bug this week.

At least Obama won--that's something to smile about. :)


Nancy Sabina said...

Well, I think you have pixies in your house. The hording kind. Someday you'll find all your things between to walls.
When I loose my cell phone somewhere in the house I'm always so glad that I can just call it and listen for the ring. And when I loose my car in the parking lot I'm so glad I can just set off the alarm and go towards the siren and flashing lights. I often wish things like my keys and remote had those sorts of features. And how bout adding kids to that list of "easy things to track"? Why don't we have LoJack on all of them?

Nancy Sabina said...

Oh sheesh. I can't believe I just typed "to" instead of "two". I'm blaming Mommy brain.