Friday, November 21, 2008

The Year of the Wreath

I'm not an interior designer. We've lived here two years and we don't have a single frame or decoration in our entire bedroom. The frames and decorations I do have up around the house are super simple and who knows if I even have them up aesthetically, if they are centered, or at the right height.

Ever since we got married and I had a house to take care of and attempt to decorate, I've wanted to have a wreath on my front door. You may think it sounds kind of cheesy, but I really like the idea of having a beautiful, seasonal wreath for every time of year. And for six years I've wanted and thought about but never had my "wreath rotation"--maybe because I didn't have a house worthy of decorating, or perhaps because I couldn't afford the one that I envisioned. I've even pictured my storage room with off-season wreaths mounted on every wall. One year I tried making my own Christmas wreath with a la carte plastic greens and berries on some craft wire (probably costing less than $5 total)--it was really pathetic looking, a sorry excuse for a wreath, and sadly I kept it around for several years, finally throwing it out today.

At some point in time I subconsciously deemed this year as "The Year of the Wreath." I decided that since we finally had a non-impoverished income, a beautiful home, and a nest of kids, that makes us worthy of finally having a wreath for every season. And it contributes even more to that sense of "home" that is so cozy and not at all temporary. 'Cuz hey, we've lived in Provo for six years and we're finally having Christmas at the same address two years in a row--that's gotta mean something.

A Change of Decor
Here's the before and after. Last month I decorated my one surface inside the house, putting out a fall garland I got last year on clearance after the fact, and my first-ever Wreath!

Then today I finally got my Christmas Wreath! I really wanted the one with large poinsettias, several colored ribbons and cute little snowmen dangling from it, but that one was $130.

I decided to just spruce up a cheaper wreath and make it just as cute. Thanks to 30-60% off sales at Roberts, for $35 I got a wreath, some shape-able ribbon and some cute little ornaments to hang on it. I also got two sparkly wooden greetings for about $10 each--they are cute and trendy and having them makes me feel like I, too, can be on board with in-style decor even though I may be stylishly imcompetent otherwise. And on my "mantle" I cheated by turning our speakers sideways and draping blue fabric over them (hehehe). Oh, and I'm so glad I have a three-year old style guru who was able to help me pick out the right things (she picked out the bell all by herself). I think the wreath and my TV-top display both turned out really fun and classy. I'm so excited to finally have my Christmas Wreath!


Valerie said...

I completely understand this feeling! So cute!

Anonymous said...

You're the first in the family to have your wreath up, I think. Very nice! Congratulations on stying in one place so long. Happy Thanksgiving this week. Mom

Sara said...

Both wreaths are so lovely! And don't worry--I've always thought that buying a wreath for my front door really meant "home," too. Sadly, we're still in an apartment, and I have no desire to make the place look very, it'll be my future project :)

Kat Dahl said...

I can totally understand wanting to make your place look more homey with decorations. I congratulate you on this task of having bought a couple're on your way to having all the seasonal wreaths you need. :)

Clint and Celeste said...

Very nice! :)

Sarah said...

Ooh! Me,too! I have wanted to do that for ages, but we can't exactly put nails in the holes of the apartment doors. But we are in the process of buying a house, and I have every intention of putting all my years of watching Trading Spaces and the like to good use!