Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Finished Project #1

The Kids' Room: The Final Product. Here's the work in progress.

This means that Leah constantly wants to be a princess now. You know those McDonald's commercial where the little girl is at the restaurant in a Tutu? That's my kid in a Princess dress. Everywhere we go. Man, I thought we could avoid this phase, but how wrong I was.
I took some of these photos to submit them to a magazine for publishing, so no, the room is never that clean, the bed is never made, the decorations would never get left undisturbed for more than 10 seconds, the books are usually pulled off the shelves, but I thought it would be worth it for the picture.

I am kind of getting sick of project mode. I have several underway, and none of them are actually done. Project #2: The Playground (meaning the tools are still out and there are still some assorted boards all over the grass waiting to be installed). Project #3: Painting the living room (meaning that right now, all the furniture is in the middle of the room and their are dropcloths everywhere, paintbrushes in the sink, china on the kitchen counter). Project #4: the living room curtains (completion of which is contingent upon the completion of the painting project and the arrangement of the curtains before I know how long to make them). Project #5: the bushes on the kitchen counter that need to be planted in the backyard. Okay, so, why did I start so many projects before finishing the first ones? Because it was raining one day and I couldn't keep working on the playground? Because it was raining and the kids were awake so I couldn't paint? The list goes on...

And of course, once those projects are done, I am seriously going to crack down and ORGANIZE! I need to finally get into a system of cleaning the kitchen, scrubbing toilets regularly, putting away laundry, getting rid of clutter, having a routine for dinner and bedtime and showering, going to the gym and to work and on errands, paying bills on time, taking care of my kids and taking care of myself. AHH! I am so sick of limbo!


Mom said...

Very cute--and I don't mean just the girl. You have the vision. Congratulations on a project finished!

Rebecca said...

That is adorable. Where is Samuel's bed? I assume we don't see half the room.

That is exactlly why I haven't started "projects." I wanted to be in a grove before I started getting it out of whack. This means (1) I won't be painting any rooms this year (I love having the rooms to play in!) and (2) It will take forever to get things how I like it. Ah well, I'm in no hurry: 30 years before the house is mine anyway. I figure if I wait, I'll better know what I want anyway.

Good luck on getting your projects finished. I may get bushes myself this week.

Anonymous said...

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angela michelle said...

I love those wall designs--are they vinyl? Will you share your patterns?