Saturday, May 09, 2009

Ode to Mom

I thought about making a list of the reasons why my Mom is the greatest. Then I realized that to really do her justice, in order to have a truly fitting tribute to mom, I’d have to use poetry. So here we go.

This Mom is the Bomb
By Dr. Spoofs.

The sun did not shine, it was too wet to rake.
So she sat in the house and she started to bake.
She sat there with bread dough, she sat there and kneaded.
This was not a good time for yards to be weeded.
No laundry to fold and no toilets to scrub,
Thanks to her wonderful excellent Hub.
So all she could do was to
And did she complain? Not one little gripe.

Then Eve was redeemed!
How that news made us gleam!
A real, hooded Doctor, standing so calm,
We cheered and we cried out, this Mom is the Bomb!

And she said to us “Why do you sit there like that?”
“Don’t act like I’m tired and should be ready to rest,
Look at what’s happened inside of this nest.”
“I know some good projects to start”
(Please don’t slouch)
“I know some great stories”
She sat on the couch.
“A lot of great stories, I think you should stay.
I am your mother, now do as I say.”

And Becky and I did not know what to say.
Our mother was acting quite strange for the day.
And our Dad said “Yes! Yes!
Let us hear all about!
Let us count up the ways that your mom is worn out!”

“She has mastered the Bard
She has studied phonemes
While mothering hard.
Let her tell us these things.”

“Now, Now. Let me see.
Let me see, I will quench.
I’ll tell you the story in Spanish or French.
Why we can have lots of good fun, if you please,
My story of counting 1-2-3 degrees.”

“Very well” said the mom.
“I will tell you all how.
I’ve been going to school from then until now.
I raised you four up as I studied a lot,
With a book in one hand and some soup in a pot.
But that is not all that I did,” said the mom…

“Look at me! Look at me then!” She said chiming.
“Raising four kids while in school and still smiling.
I could look at TWO books, untie any knot,
Could sew a black skirt, and get out that damn spot.
And look, I can swim endlessly in the pool
All while coordinating car-pool.”

“Look at me!
Look at me!
Look at me then!
It is fun to have fun, but you have to know when!
I could hold a church calling, tape record dinner,
Draw by eye-balling, then nurse any splinter.
I could bike here and there and not even perspire.
And look, with my feet, I can lead the ward choir!
I know every verse in the hymnbook, what’s more,
I can sleep next to Dad even though he would snore…”

That is what the mom said when she fell on her bed!
She came down with a bump, she came down with a roll
And Becky and I saw that the bed had a hole.

She fell deep asleep, she fell on the bed
“She does fall asleep like this”, our dad said.
“But this is a good story, do not side-track!
If we must wake her up, We may heart attack!”
At B.Y.U., N.I.U., C.O.D. even,
What’s next for your research, the Garden of Eden?
Mother of four and now with five grands,
And to think that she did it with only two hands.
And many years later, she’s Supermom still
Enjoying the beautiful, green Naperville.

But it doesn’t make much of a difference where from,
No matter the place, this Mom is the Bomb!


Rebecca said...

Wow, that's awesome, Jen!

Elizabeth said...

This daughter is talented! Which is, of course, another complement for the mom. :)

Mom said...

I am most honored to be the object of both the love and the poetic masterpiece. From the inside jokes to the garden of Eden, it inspires me to take on new enterprises. Not bungee jumping. Maybe parasailing or a try at the bar exam.

angela michelle said...

Wow! That Dr. Spoof skillz. What a perfect tribute to your mom.

Sarah Stiles said...

Ah, touching AND funny! Almost makes me wish I was your mom, lol.