Friday, February 01, 2008

Ode to my Pillow

Dear Pillow,

I'm sorry we haven't had much quality time together recently. I must admit that I've always enjoyed spending time together--your freshly laundered scent, the smooth and cool cotton against my face, your softness and the way my head sinks a little into your fluffiness. You are so good to me. I find myself constantly daydreaming about dreaming. I mourn and I pine. How I miss our time together.

I promise my head has not rested elsewhere. I remain committed to you--it's just, there are so many things that strive to pull us apart constantly. *sniffle* What can I do to earn back your affection?

I miss you.

Hopelessly devoted to you,


Anonymous said...

And the pillow sings back:

"Oh where, oh where has my Jenny gone,
Oh where, oh where can she be?"


O hun! I often think that I should attend SA (Sleepers Anonymous), though I doubt it would help!