Friday, February 01, 2008

Why I haven't blogged all week

I guess you could say that I'm in survival mode this week. Aside from making sure that everyone is fed and diapered, there isn't much else I've expected to get done. At the beginning of the week, I mad a checklist of small things to make sure I did every day. It includes: read scriptures, get dressed and put in contacts, empty and load dishwasher, sweep kitchen floor, put away contents of dryer, spend 5 minutes tidying living room, spend 5 minutes on stationary bike (to get in the habit), give Chris a hug, read to Leah, put on happy music. Really, each thing can't take that long, and I figured that if I paced myself and did things over the course of the whole day, by the time bedtime rolled around, at least I would have accomplished something.

Well, that was the theory. I won't tell you which things actually got done regularly and which things got neglected--use your imagination. But there are other things that I didn't realize would take priority. For example, I've been very interested in filing our taxes this week and am waiting for the IRS to be "ready to process my return" which they're not. I've watched our Netflix movies right away so I can return them for another one--very important task. I've made bread in my breadmaker two days in a row (well I have to make sure it works!). Yesterday I even had the desire to make homemade soup and serve it to Leah's playdates and their mom. I've spent way too much time reading blogs--it's just so easy to keep sitting and to let my 2 year old run circles around me and watch Disney movies all day. And I've been planning projects to demonstrate at my next Stampin' Up! Workshop. What I should be doing is spending time with my kids, sleeping when they're sleeping, and preparing a RS lesson for Sunday. Let's hope today I have the energy to get off my duff and get to it!

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Excuses excuses.