Sunday, February 10, 2008

Random Tidbits

Random highlights from the past week:

I'm going on my makeover shopping spree on President's Day. Click here to give me your fashion advice, and you could win a set of 10 hand stamped cards. (If it makes any difference, everyone's advice has been great, so I'm going to pick a winner at random). While we're at it, what are the rules of wearing stripes or prints?

This week I've made Honey-Glazed Chicken, Mustard-Lemon Chicken, Pesto Cheese Tarts, and a Lemon-Lime Tart (way harder than I thought it would be!). I even successfully made French Toast on the first try.

Last night, all four Fosdicks were awake at some point during the 4:30-5:30am hour, three of us subsequently requiring wardrobe changes. Nevertheless, I got 8 hours of sleep over a span of only 9 hours--the best since the baby was born. I feel great!

I've mastered one-handed blogging while simultaneously breast-feeding (like right now).

Friday I ventured to the grocery store with two children. What do you do when you get home and the baby is hungry, the toddler is asleep in her carseat, and the trunk is full of frozen groceries all at once?

I filed our taxes yesterday morning.

Diaper Count for Samuel: Approximately 250.

In the stamping world, I had a Stampin' Up workshop yesterday and it was a lot of fun. I demonstrated the Pretties Kit and it is oh, so pretty! The only problem with the kit is that two year olds love it. Here are the projects I made for the workshop. The last one is a tin I decorated, filled with designer paper scraps, and gave to the hostess.

Also, I put this in my newsletter to my customers, but nobody has taken the bait: To celebrate Samuel's arrival, send me a baby card made with Stampin' Up! products--On March 1st, I'll pick one at random and that person will receive a free Classic Inkpad of their choice. Mind you, I haven't gotten any yet, so if you hop to it, you could be the only entry and thereby the winner! (email me at jennyfosdickATgmailDOTcom if you need more info).

Also, I decided to take a trial run of the Demonstrator Business Website while I can get two months for free--I haven't done anything to it yet, but that is my project for this week.

That's it for this week's random tidbits! Tune in next time!


Elizabeth said...

Wow, you are really in a prize-giving mode right now. :) Maybe that is what happens when you win such a wonderful prize as Sammy. And congratulations on getting sleep one night! What an accomplishment!

Mom said...

I will make a card, but everything I do takes ten times as long as the normal person. I hope to finish my dissertation in this life, but at this point, there are no guarantees.

Angela said...

Wow Jenny--sounds like you are accomplishing a lot these days! Especially considering early-morning wardrobe changes!